Using Birth Art to Prepare for Childbirth

birth art in birthing from within prenatal classes

Have you heard that Birthing From Within classes incorporate Birth Art? “What does that even mean?”, “Must be a class for Artsy types!”, “But I’m an engineer! Why would I take a class that does art??”.

I get it! These are understandable thoughts! I’ve had many people say these things to me over the years, regarding the use of Birth Art in my classes. Of course, there are some for whom the idea of doing art is very exciting, but for many, it can be uncomfortable and even anxiety-inducing. So, why is it a part of my classes?

Well, here’s the thing… when we prepare for birth by THINKING, READING, and GOOGLING, we’re preparing the Left side of brain to give birth. This is the side of our brains that is rational, linear, logical. It’s fine to fill that side of our brain with information that helps us feel prepared.

However, the part of the brain that is most activated in birthing women is the RIGHT side! The intuitive, fluid, gut-trusting, ancient brain. This side of the brain doesn’t actually remember or even understand all of the information that the LEFT side took in during all of the THINKING, READING, and GOOGLING!

How do we awaken and activate the RIGHT side of the brain? Art! Messy, playful, unpredictable, fluid, colorful, image-ful art!

And, please understand, we’re not creating art with the intention of making beautiful masterpieces that you might want to frame and hang on the nursery wall. We are making art to experience what it’s like to listen to and trust the RIGHT side of our brain, to experience the process. Sometimes, when we do that, we are given new ideas, new insights, new truths! And, all without THINKING! We all tend to trust our thinking brain more than our intuitive brain – that’s just the modern, American way.

But, ask yourself, “what might happen if I were to create some art?” Hmmm… you might laugh, you might learn something, you might have an ah-ha moment, you might recognize a connection, you might see things from a new angle… you might prepare yourself for birth in a whole new way! You might even enjoy it! Or, you might not enjoy it. Which is fine too.

Birth is beautiful in its messy, challenging, fluid, edgy, unknown-territory, gritty, intuitive ways… just like ART! Imagine that!

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