Using Birth Art to Prepare for Childbirth

birth art in birthing from within prenatal classes

Have you heard that Birthing From Within classes incorporate Birth Art? “What does that even mean?”, “Must be a class for Artsy types!”, “But I’m an engineer! Why would I take a class that does art??”. I get it! These are understandable thoughts! I’ve had many people say these things to me over the years,…

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Why Birthing from Within?

why choose a birthing from within prenatal class

Most folks who come my way are looking for a natural birth class that will offer them the tools and skills that will help them achieve their ideal birth. They may be hoping for a natural, pain-free, or even orgasmic birth! And, I totally get the temptation to look for guarantees, or suggestions that if you…

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Preparing for birth by accessing your “Three kinds of Knowing”

childbirth preparation

What are the Three kinds of knowing? Birthing From Within classes are a unique form of childbirth preparation in that they address what we call “The Three Types of Knowing”: Primordial, Modern, and Knowing Thyself. The first kind of knowing is primordial knowing: the innate maternal instinct. Humans have this knowing in their bones! And…

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