Childbirth Mentor, Doula & Birth Story Listener

As a mother of three children and a Certified Birthing From Within Mentor, I believe strongly in each person’s innate ability to give birth and I enjoy guiding parents on their journey.  I feel the power of birth and believe in the magic and miracle of it.  I also have witnessed the incredible unpredictability in the way each birth manifests.  Thus, one of the main goals of my classes is to prepare parents not for the “perfect” birth, but instead, to be present for their birth experience as it emerges and unfolds, in its own uniqueness and beauty (whatever that may look like!), one moment at a time.

I believe that all births are “natural” – that each baby’s birth is their story.

Boulder birthing classes with Erika Primozich

My Journey with Birthing from Within

It is my great honor and privilege to have been Colorado's first Certified Mentor with Birthing From Within ! From 2018-2021, my path with Birthing From Within involved being one of the Co-Owners, Directors and Lead Facilitators of the organization~ during which time I expanded my depth of knowledge and passion for this work! I believe wholeheartedly in the Birthing From Within philosophy and its mindful approach to pregnancy and birth.  I read the book when I was pregnant with my son Sam, who is now 24, and was relieved to feel “off the hook” in terms of needing to have a specific birth outcome. I was also inspired by the profound insights it offered in looking at birth as a rite-of-passage, which I hadn’t found in any other book.  After I had my second child, Alice (22 years old), I realized that the pregnancy and birth journey was a real passion for me, something I wanted to share with other women. My third child, Arlo (17 years old), was born at home in a sweet family-style water birth; he required extra care, however, and we spent 48 hours in the NICU after his birth.  This experience gave me the opportunity to walk the talk... to work to remain present, mindfully appreciating the unique perfection of his birth story, even in the face of a challenging situation.

Erika Primozich Boulder Childbirth Educator

My Training and Background

Over the past twenty years, I have attended many childbirth educator trainings and workshops with Pam England, the brilliant author of Birthing From Within, as well as additional trainings with folks such as Pema Chodron, Brene Brown, and Remsaa Menakem.  These trainings, as well as the hundreds of families I have worked with over the years, have provided me with the framework and inspiration to create Dive into Birth's holistic, alternative prenatal and childbirth preparation classes. I offer this depth of experience to each class that I work with.

Each group of parents that comes my way brings its own unique wisdom, insight, and experiences, which, in turn, enriches and enhances subsequent classes.

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