Erika Primozich becomes one of the Co-owners of Birthing From Within!

Big News!

I sent a kid to college, and then, apparently, the Universe figured I had some extra time and space on my hands… Pam England must have felt that too!  Big changes and opportunities have come my way, and I’m excited to share this news with you! After having read the book, and taken a Birthing From Within class when I was pregnant with my first baby, who is now a freshman in college, I took a BFW training in 2002. Since then, I have been offering classes locally, and also working within the BFW organization as an advisor to mentors in the training process.  Lots has shifted and grown over the years, both for myself personally and the organization in general.

This past fall, Pam England, the original founder and creator of BFW realized that in order for the business to become sustainable, updated, and expansive, she needed to add some new heads, hands and hearts in the management of it. SO…. in December, she asked me, and two of my BFW colleagues- Carrie Kenner and Nikki Shaheed- to become co-owners and managers of Birthing From Within!! I was, and am, deeply honored and humbled by the magnitude of it all! The three of us dove right in and have been working hard, learning a ton, and switching gears to focus full-time on this incredible organization. We are rolling out modernized programs and trainings this year, and are very excited about taking BFW into its next chapter! I will still be teaching my birth preparation classes in Boulder, and will now also be offering workshops and trainings to aspiring and seasoned birth professionals around the country! Keep your eyes out for exciting new offerings, a beautiful new website, and the expansion of Birthing From Within’s critical message – that birth is a rite of passage and a heroic journey, no matter what form it takes.

Erika Primozich, Co-owner of Birthing From Within

Co-owners and managers of Birthing From Within in 2018


Here’s the story of the transition in Pam England’s words: “With progress comes change, and with change comes exciting announcements! In this vein, I would like to share some news with you all.  I have come to find that the best way for me to consistently serve the Birthing From Within community is as a consultant, mentor, writer, and artist. It is only through dedicated leadership, management, strategies, structure, capital, and building relationships with our members that Birthing From Within II will reach its full potential. For this reason, I asked three long-term members (pictured below) to take over the management and operation of Birthing From Within II, and to my joy they accepted and have enthusiastically assumed responsibility as co-owners and program directors, as follows:

  1. BFW Birth Preparation, Erika Primozich, Boulder
  2. Doula From Within™, Carrie Kenner, Seattle
  3. Birth Story Medicine®, Pam England and Nikki Shaheed, San Antonio

Transformation is occurring because Birthing From Within’s collective dream is that, rather than become static, Birthing From Within’s programs and processes will expand so as to reach more birth professionals and, thus, more parents. The program directors have a critical role to play in our new growth, and there are many other exciting measures being put into place that will ensure both a greater reach and a more modern presence.”

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