Preparing for birth by accessing your “Three kinds of Knowing”

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What are the Three kinds of knowing?

Birthing From Within classes are a unique form of childbirth preparation in that they address what we call “The Three Types of Knowing”: Primordial, Modern, and Knowing Thyself.

The first kind of knowing is primordial knowing: the innate maternal instinct. Humans have this knowing in their bones! And they are in this knowing when they are not in their thinking mind. However, social conditioning has taught us not to trust or act on our gut knowing–until we have “thought it through,” researched it, second guessed it, or checked with others about what they think or would do. One task for a newly pregnant person is to first learn to feel their gut instinct and to distinguish this feeling from fleeting fear (or the contagious fear of others). Another task for pregnant folks is to awaken the fierce protective parent within and learn to boldly act on their gut instinct.

Instead of trying to “get it right” (which is impossible!), parents can learn (or remember) to act from a place of love, doing what needs to be done in the moment, without attachment to outcome.

The second kind of knowing in childbirth preparation is modern knowing: which includes learning the nuts and bolts of labor, birth and postpartum. Modern knowing includes holistic preparation for all kinds of possibilities, including inductions and cesarean births. It also means preparing for how to navigate the postpartum journey.

This kind of knowing helps parents make informed and empowered decisions as they arise along the way.

The third kind of knowing, knowing thyself, may be the most important. Pregnant people need to take time during pregnancy to deeply dive into this kind of knowing as they prepare for birth as a rite of passage. Knowing thyself is a priority in Dive into Birth’s classes.

Before a parent can know where they are going in birth and beyond, they need to know from where they came and where they stand now.

It is helpful for expectant parents to become aware of what is motivating them to learn more; to choose or to avoid certain things; to act or to freeze, so that they can shift old patterns that don’t serve them anymore and instead move from a place of inner knowing and guidance.

* Thanks to Virginia Bobro and Pam England of Birthing From Within

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